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Please contact NASE’s Legislative Offices at 202-466-2100 or

Standing Up For America's Smallest Businesses

Through NASE, the self-employed and micro-businesses have a powerful voice representing their interests. NASE has a strong track record of advocating for its members on Capitol Hill. Through efforts like the online Legislative Action Center and the Tell Your Story initiative, NASE provides an easy and timely way for micro-business owners to get involved and express their opinions to elected officials.

It is possible to be heard and know organizations such as the NASE are working on our behalf.
My NASE Experience
Jeanette Howarth, Howarth Excavating, Inc.
Joined in 2004
NASE in Action

Interested in how the NASE advocates for issues important to you and your business? Read the NASE’s testimony before Congressional committees, letters to Congress and the Administration, and information on how new legislation will impact you.

Washington Watch

Whether your business is near or far from Capitol Hill, what happens there impacts you and your business. Stay up-to-date with the legislative action from Washington with our weekly Washington Watch e-newsletter.

Get Involved

Contact your legislators and learn how they’ve voted on small business issues through the Legislative Action Center, Tell Your Story to give Congress and the Administration a window into your real-life experiences and become a media contact to speak about smallbusiness issues with the press.

Legislative Action Center
Elected Officials
Find out who your elected officals are and how they are voting.
Current Elections
Who’s up for election? Find out if they are on your side!
Media Guide
Let the media know how you feel. Find the people behind the ink.

Legislative Priorities

RYouFundable? $10,000 Crowdfunding Contest

NASE along with SBE Council and Fundable announced an exciting $10,000 crowdfunding contest to support current small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs. 

The crowdfunding contest will shine a light on opportunities to raise capital, but also the challenges many small businesses face when trying to to live their entrepreneurial dream.

Already have a business? Have a great new idea? Apply today to be a part of this exciting contest!

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Washington Watch
NASE In Action