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Federal Legislative Issues

The NASE Monitors Small Business Laws Affecting You

With the NASE as your representative, your small business concerns are are heard on Capitol Hill. The NASE monitors legislation that affects small business and the self-employed. During the 111th Congress, the NASE is urging legislators to help small businesses by focusing on these top priority issues:

  • Fairness in Tax Compliance

    The NASE feels that rather than adding to the burden of compliance faced by micro-business taxpayers through increased regulations, the goal should be to simplify the tax regulations.

  • The Economy and the Self-Employed

    The NASE is urging the Obama Administration and Congress to pass targeted tax relief to assist the small business and self-employed communities.

  • Access to Affordable Health Coverage

    The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) strongly supports proposals such as health care tax credits, a self-employment tax deduction on health insurance premiums, expansion of both Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and pooling arrangements for small business as important steps to creating an equitable environment for micro-businesses and the self-employed to purchase affordable, quality health coverage.

  • Self-Employment Tax on Health Insurance Premiums

    To achieve tax equity between all forms of business entities, the self-employed must be able to exclude health insurance premiums from self-employment tax regardless of the entity form under which they choose to operate.

  • Improving Our Health Care System

    The NASE supports efforts to improve our health care system to make it easier for individuals to attain and understand health coverage.

  • Home Office Deduction Simplification

    The NASE believes that the home office deduction must be simplified and expanded to allow home-based businesses to easily utilize the deduction.

  • Federal Small-Business Programs

    The NASE is a fervent supporter of federal small-business programs that have a proven track record of efficiently aiding very small businesses and the self-employed, such as the SBA Office of Advocacy, Small Business Development Centers and the SBA Microloan Program.

Your Voice in D.C.

Are your small business needs drowned out by the giant corporate interests appealing to Congress?  There's strength in numbers, and with the NASE as your champion, your concerns receive their deserved consideration.


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