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Get Involved - make sure your small business issues are heard by the government and the media!
Become a Media Contact

Stories have much more impact and credibility if they’re ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’, and the media frequently asks us for members to interview about hot topics. By offering to become a media contact you not only can influence positive change for your business, but you’re receiving valuable publicity, too!

Legislative Action

It’s easy for you to quickly determine who your lawmakers are, where they stand on different small business issues, and how to contact them. You can even send emails to elected officials and the media through our Legislative Action Center!

Legislative Action Center
Elected Officials
Find out who your elected officals are and how they are voting.
Current Elections
Who’s up for election? Find out if they are on your side!
Media Guide
Let the media know how you feel. Find the people behind the ink.

Tell Your Story

Your stories bring reality to our efforts with lawmakers – they allow us to convince with more than just theories and statistics. Submit your real-life experiences and concerns online so we know what is most important to you, and have the details to back it up.


Get Connected

Stay informed with the latest news from NASE’s Self Made blog, and find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Huffington Post for more.

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