March 2012

  • Back In Business

    Mar 05, 2012

    The number of Americans who go back into business after retirement is on the rise. The 2010 Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity showed 23 percent of new entrepreneurs are 55 to 64, a figure that was just 18 percent in 2000.

  • Ask The Experts

    Mar 05, 2012

    Q: As a small-business owner, what tax changes should I be aware of when completing my 2011 tax forms?

  • Member Spotlight: Designing A Lifestyle

    Mar 05, 2012

    Kathy Johnson has been an NASE Member since 2006. She owns Kathy Johnson Graphics in Poway, Calif.

  • NASE Advocates Tax Changes In 2012 To Help Small-Business Owners

    Mar 05, 2012

    The nation’s 22 million self-employed business owners are building companies and contributing to the economic turnaround. However, they are disproportionately challenged by burdensome regulatory compliance, including an unfair tax burden and excessive paperwork requirements. The NASE continues to advocate for simple changes to federal law that would address these challenges and ensure an even playing field for small businesses.