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2012 Achievement Award Winners

Entrepreneurs create new jobs and form the backbone of our economy

Small-business owners provide the majority of jobs in the U.S., yet their needs and their impact are often overlooked. Since 1981, the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) has supported independent business owners and advocated on behalf of the micro-business community. Thanks to the NASE, entrepreneurs are not alone. But starting one’s own business can be daunting, with many bumps along the way. From business management skills to filing taxes, to raising capital or securing health coverage, the self-employed need support.

NASE Foundation Supports Entrepreneurs

Scholarships, Awards and Grants

  • Future Entrepreneur Award: college scholarship of up to $24,000 awarded to promising young buiness owners
  • Achievement Award: prize to an outstanding entrepreneur
  • Succeed Scholarships®: scholarships for business education and training
  • Growth Grants®: funding for business investment

Business Skills Education

  • Seminars and webinars on topics that help entrepreneurs grow and manage their business

Micro-Business Research

  • Educating policymakers and media on the self-employed

NASE Gives $40,000 In College Scholarships

Friday, September 30, 2011

This year the NASE awarded a $4,000 scholarship to 10 deserving dependents of NASE Members. These students can use their scholarships to study any subject at the college of their choice.

“I know that families are struggling and making sacrifices so they can send their kids to college,” says NASE President Kristie L. Arslan. “I’m proud that the NASE can help these students pursue their dreams of a higher education. Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients!”

2011 NASE Scholarship Recipients

Aaron Burns
Fredericksburg, Va.
Dependent of NASE Member Linda Burns

Taylor Demeter
Falls Church, Va.
Dependent of NASE Member Christian Demeter

Kelly Gwiner
Fostoria, Ohio
Dependent of NASE Member John Gwiner

Andrea Hansen
Allison Park, Pa.
Dependent of NASE Member Debra Skurski

Brendan Langford
San Antonio, Texas
Dependent of NASE Member Anthony Langford

Michael Langford
San Antonio, Texas
Dependent of NASE Member Anthony Langford

Lindsey Maxon
Arlington, Texas
Dependent of NASE Member Jannett Maxon

Russell Stockman
Weatherford, Texas
Dependent of NASE Member David Stockman

Diana Thomson
Talladega, Ala.
Dependent of NASE Member Pamela Thomson

Alexander Vining
Poulsbo, Wash.
Dependent of NASE Member Jodie Bryant

Get details today about applying for a 2012 NASE Scholarship.

How can you help?

  • Sponsor a scholarship that gives young entrepreneurs a leg up on higher education costs so they don’t have to give up on either their business or college dreams.
  • Recognize a business owner poised for success with a grant or financial award that allows them to make investments needed for growth.
  • Support webinars that provide a budding entrepeneur with the business know-how needed to succeed during the first three years of their start-up (the most crucial stage for success).
  • Partner with the NASE to help Americans understand the tremendous financial impact that one-to-two person businesses have on the economy.