Critical Tax Questions for the Self-Employed Critical Tax Questions for the Self-Employed

What’s a person new to self-employment to do? This tax webinar covers these key topics:

What entity form should my business be? What should I do first? How to pay and plan for estimated taxes. Automobile deduction. Meals and travel.

Available webinars: Feb. 11, 4 pm ET; Feb. 15, 11 am ET; Feb. 26, 10 am ET; Mar. 11, 11 am ET; Mar. 21, 1 pm ET; Apr. 2, 1 pm ET

Audit-Proof Your Tax Return Audit-Proof Your Tax Return

No one wants to be audited by the IRS, but in case you do here are the top ways to come out clean. This tax webinar will help you plan your attack on your tax return:

Getting organized. Search for deductions. Building your paper fort. And more!

Availble webinars: Feb. 25, 5 pm ET; Feb. 27, 5 pm ET; Mar. 5, 10 am ET; Mar. 13, 10 am ET; Mar. 25, 2 pm ET; Apr. 4, 11 am ET

Maximize Your Tax Savings Maximize Your Tax Savings

Everyone wants to save as much money as possible when filing their return. This tax webinar will offer these tips on maximizing your deductions:

Hiring your child. The home office deduction. Retirement contributions. And more!

Available webinars: Feb. 19, 4 pm ET; Mar. 7, 5 pm ET; Mar. 12, 1 pm ET; Mar. 19, 4 pm ET; Mar. 27, 3 pm ET; Apr. 8, 5 pm ET

2012 Taxes Combined Time-Saver 2012 Taxes Combined Time-Saver

All three topics: Critical Tax Questions for the Self-Employed, Audit-Proof Your Tax Return, and Maximize Your Tax Savings in just one 2-hour webinar!

Available webinars: Feb. 13, 6 pm ET; Feb. 18, 6 pm ET; Mar. 4, 1 pm ET; Mar. 6, 10 am ET; Mar. 20, 6 pm ET; Mar. 26, 10 am ET; Apr. 10, 10 am ET

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