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If I do direct mail, how often should I mail?

Nov 16, 2014
This depends on several factors.  For instance - your reason for mailing, your target market and the size town you’re mailing into.  If you’re promoting an event in a small town – one time may be sufficient.  If you’re a new business and building a brand, multiple times will reap the most benefits.  As a general rule, a person does not respond without being presented an opportunity at least 3 times.  This does however depend on the offer and the sense of urgency conveyed.  If you are a timeshare offering a free cruise and there is a response deadline, you may achieve your objective with one or two mailings.  If you’re a new insurance agent building your business, a mailing every 6 weeks may be required.  A good plan is to budget for at least 3 mailings (within 60 days) to determine if mail is an effective channel for your product/service.

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