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Oct 15, 2009
Posted by Molly Nelson - The English major in me couldn't help sharing this lyrical post from the New York Times' You're the Boss blog.  The whole post is worth reading, but this passage stuck out to me:

"The guy who sold me solar panels is really a fisherman. The waiter I want sells real estate. The real estate woman is a photographer. The guy who builds bars is a fisherman/spy/ artist. The designer who consults for me is a painter. The bakery executive is a Buddhist monk. The wine salesman is a chef. The Webmaster plays bass in a jazz trio. The farmer who will grow my vegetables is a lawyer. My lawyer wants to own a restaurant. I am not exaggerating. Everyone around me wants to be something else, or already is something else in addition to what he already is."

Do you think that the post's author (a writer, author and movie director/producer now opening a seafood restaurant) is right?  Are you running your business while trying to start another?  Did you start your journey into self-employment by starting to pursue something new while doing something else?  Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments, we look forward to reading them!

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