Building a Nest Egg for your Employees

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Building a Nest Egg for your Employees

Nov 11, 2009

Posted by Maureen Petron -- Retirement planning and saving is hard enough for micro-business owners. But add in a few employees, and the issues compound – what plan, what paper work, what contributions…

The IRS recently launched a new Web site to help answer these questions. The IRS Retirement Plans Navigator helps small employers find the plan that’s right for their business.

IRS Retirement Navigator

It focuses on three main components: choosing a plan, maintaining a plan, and correcting a plan (if you’ve made a mistake).

It even has a pretty extensive plan comparison table. Check it out and start helping your employees save for their future.

P.S. If you still have questions about retirement plans, ask our tax and business consultants at TaxTalk and ShopTalk 800.

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