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Facebook Adds Star Ratings to Business Pages

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Guest Blog by Ben Seidel

As you may have noticed, Facebook rolled out their star rating system onto business pages last month. In reality, the star rating system has been in place on Facebook's mobile app for places for quite some time. However, November is when they officially rolled it out for business pages on the standard browser version of Facebook.


The Good and Bad
The placement of the star ratings on the Facebook page could not be more visible. If you have ratings, the page will aggregate this data into the 5 star rating graphic and display it directly underneath your page title. As with any major update to a social media platform, both pros and cons exist.

The Good:

  • These user generated ratings add credibility to your business. You can stand out from the crowd if you have great reviews and ratings.
  • Users can rate your business very easily on a 1-5 star scale, and they can add a more in depth written review that will show up in a designated location on your page.
  • Users can select whether they want their review and rating to be public, visible to friends only, or custom visibility – which gives your visitors greater control.

The (Potentially) Bad:

  • If you have poor ratings, or no ratings at all, this could leave a negative impression with your visitors.
  • Anyone can rate your company without justification – clients, competitors, friends, enemies, random visitors, etc. Like other review platforms, there is no requirement that they have actually done any work with your company.
  • Page Admins cannot see the reviews and ratings on the page that are "visible to friends only." This can lead to companies missing and failing to address negative feedback.
  • Some companies do not want or are prohibited by law to have ratings on their pages

Want to remove the rating system from your Facebook pagealtogether?  Check out our full blog with the complete steps on our website!

Ben Seidel is an NASE Member and the President and Founder of Igniting Business LLC, a technology, marketing and web development company located in Columbia, Mo.


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