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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Aug 11, 2014

I love small business owners.  I know this sounds kind of sappy, and as the President of the National Association for the Self Employed I probably notice this kind of thing more than most, but it really makes me proud when I see that entrepreneurial spirit.  I was out this past weekend and saw a local high school band having a car wash.  I pulled in and let them do their best.  But that wasn’t the sappy part.  There were three kids, maybe 8 years old, who had set up lemonade and iced tea stand.  Right there in the heat!


I know what you are thinking…Kids, lemonade…that’s not business.  But to me, it was real business.  They saw a need and found a way to meet that need.  That is what you guys do every day.  That is what small business does every day.  Yes, sappy, but oh man, I love small business.  Wonder if they will need help filing a tax return?

Courtesy of NASE.org