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Finding A Tax Pro

Nov 12, 2010
Q: I'll wrap up my first year of business at the end of this year. I need to find a tax professional who can help me with my business tax returns. What should I look for in a tax advisor?

A: Congratulations on a successful first year as a micro-business owner!

The most important aspect when choosing a tax professional is finding one you feel comfortable talking to and one who can explain tax matters so that you understand. You also need to find a professional who will get to know your business and your industry.

Check with colleagues, your local Chamber of Commerce and your industry trade association to get some names of tax advisors. Meet with several of them to explain your needs and find out more about their credentials.

Ask about their fees for tax preparation, phone calls and consultations. Credible tax professionals will be glad to state their fees upfront.

Tax advisors can do much more for your business than complete tax returns. A professional who takes time to understand your company can help you maximize tax deductions and made tax-wise decisions for your business throughout the year.

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