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New Years Resolutions That Work Work-Life Balance: A Family Affair

The holidays are over and the gifts have been unwrapped and put away. The children have returned to school and new business and career opportunities are on the horizon. But just as the New Year has arrived, so has the time-honored tradition of creating your 2006 New Year’s resolutions. Since resolutions are designed to improve lifestyles and provide increased balance, the end or beginning of the year is a practical time to reflect on the past years’ business and family successes and challenges.

The majority of individuals want to live healthier longer and more fulfilling lives, so health and exercise goals will probably top the lists of many of this year’s commitments. As a micro-business owner, today’s lifestyle obligations and limitations keep you pressed for time and do not allow much room for family - much less yourself. But don't use life's constraints as excuses for not maintaining a healthy, happy work-life balance.

Healthy lifestyles are a family affair, playing an important role in determining the path to good health for your business and family. Instilling the importance of healthy eating habits, nutrition and regular physical activity are essential in teaching healthy work and life habits that last a lifetime. It would be unrealistic to make drastic overhauls in your lifestyle and not expect resolve to wane as the year passes.

According to a survey by, about 30 percent of individuals making resolutions at the beginning of the year are unable to keep them more than a month. Also, only about 1 in 5 people adhere to their commitments for six months or more. The odds for failing combined with consistent years of unhealthy eating and inadequate exercise can be overwhelmingly discouraging.

But don’t let these challenges deter you for it is never too late to start. Even small changes in your lifestyle can reap big results. Your family and business can still grow up healthy and strong by incorporating just a few changes to help balance work and family life.

What does it take to maintain work-life balance?
The big step to a healthier, fitter lifestyle is just a few small steps away. But a healthy life style doesn’t just happen spontaneously. It is not found in a resolution, but in evolution. So do not set yourself up to fail through wrong thinking. Instead, set yourself up for success by starting the process off right through planning and maintenance.

Twelve Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

1. Admit
Acknowledge your needs. It is essential that each family member recognize that the business and the family’s lifestyle need balancing. Without acknowledgement, there can be no change. It truly does take a village to raise a family.

2. Commit
Support good health at home and in the workplace. Taking small steps is better than taking no steps. Since existing patterns of behavior weren’t created in a day, focus on making small changes.

3. Submit
Keep a positive healthy attitude. The motivation to succeed has to come from within. By submitting mind, body, spirit, and resources, it will be easier to make healthier and long lasting resolutions.

4. Omit

Remove the stumbling blocks. Get organized and remove any unhealthy thoughts or potential impediments that may undermine starting the journey to a balanced healthy lifestyle.

5. Own it
Take ownership. Everyone must take responsibility for staying on course. Find ways for each member to take part in staying on path. Support each other and celebrate your successes.

6. Get Fit
Target total wellness. Make sure to focus on overall health and well-being, not a portion. The by products of a healthy balanced lifestyle is complete wellness. Studies have shown that people who exercise along with a nutritious diet not only lose weight but feel better, are not sick as often, can withstand stress more effectively and are generally in better mental and physical health than those who do not.

7. Fix It
Fix what is fixable, manage what is not. Focusing on the unchangeable won’t change it. Concentrate on the unhealthy habits first, and then manage the things you cannot change. Set and prioritize realistic targets because fuzzy goals are as bad as having no goals at all.

8. Rest It
Get your zzzzzzzzz's. A good night's sleep and plenty of rest is essential to a healthy lifestyle. So make sure adequate rest is a part of the plan, inside or outside of your respite.

9. Remit
Forgive momentary lapses. Don't beat yourself up and allow room to stumble. The damage is not in falling down, but in not getting up and trying again

10. Respite
Take a break. Everybody needs a little time away and the good habits you've instilled won't go away overnight. So, relax and take a vacation from the job or family routine…just don't forget to come back.

11. Revisit
Change is good. Take time to assess the plan and ensure everything is on track. If goals have changed or evolved, then amend the plan where necessary and don’t be afraid to change your regimen.

12. Don’t Quit
It takes true grit to stick to change a lifestyle. Change isn't easy - give the plan time to take affect. Just don’t quit. Focus on your goals and keep the finish line in sight.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is possible and it is worth it. The results from living a healthy balanced life will be many healthier, happier years together at home and at work.

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