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How Should We Reform the Tax System? (March 2009)

Respondents: 399

Taxes have long been a source of frustration for the self-employed. With April 15th looming, a spotlight is shined on the need for reforming our federal tax system. The National Association for the Self-Employed has long supported tax simplification and tax fairness for micro-businesses. Please take this short member survey regarding your opinions on federal tax reform.
1. How do you prepare your taxes?
55% I use a tax practitioner/ account
09% I utilize electronic filing
28% I utilize tax software on my computer
05% I calculate my taxes and fill out the forms by hand
03% Other
00% Do Not Know
2. Approximately how many hours do you spend preparing your taxes? (Check only one)
27% 1 – 5 hours
15% 5 - 7 hours
15% 8 - 10 hours
07% 10 - 15 hours
08% 15 – 20 hours
07% 21 – 25 hours
03% 26 – 30 hours
05% 31 – 40 hours
03% 41 – 50 hours
00% 51- 75 hours
0% 76 – 99 hours
01% Over 100 hours
07% Do Not Know
3. Which factor below do you feel is the most burdensome aspect of the federal tax code? (Check only one)
07% Amount of paperwork you must fill out
35% The complexity of the tax code and tax forms
12% The lack of consistency/ continuously changing regulations
19% The tax rates/ how much in taxes you must pay
11% The inequality within the tax code
05% Other
11% No opinion
4. Please indicate whether you are in favor of or oppose the following proposals that have been suggested to reform the federal tax code.
Do Not Know
1. Simplify current tax system by removing unfair regulations.
2. Simplify the current tax system, by minimizing tax forms and creating easier instructions.
3. Replace the current income-based tax system with a national retail sales tax, which would tax goods and services.
4. Replace the current income-based tax system with the Value-Added Tax (VAT) system.
5. Replace the current personal and corporate tax system with a flat tax which would allow families and businesses to pay one set tax rate on their wage and pension income.
6. Keep the current system but enhance existing and create additional targeted tax credits and/or deductions for the self-employed and micro-business.

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