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Washington Watch - April 14, 2010


The FCC's Broadband Rollout Plan

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will continue with the 2009 stimulus plan to provide broadband across the nation, despite a recent federal court ruling against the agency on net neutrality, the chairman says.

The broadband deployment initiative being undertaken by the FCC will bring faster internet and greater access to wireless internet across the nation. The benefits for micro-businesses include the following:

  • Increased broadband speeds and deployment will increase workers' ability to effectively telecommute.
  • Enterprises will also benefit from FCC initiatives to implement broadband more aggressively in healthcare and in energy grids, since increased technological efficiency in those industries should help hold down health and energy costs for businesses.
  • Increased broadband speeds will give businesses more bang for their bucks on broadband connectivity.

Find out more information on how the broadband rollout will affect your business at Network World.

Financial Reform Update

Lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week to tackle other post-health reform agenda items, such as a financial system overhaul. According to the Obama Administration, the current plan will "protect American consumers from abuse and predatory practices and it will set clear rules of the road for the financial industry that will help prevent another financial collapse that costs millions of jobs and the life savings of millions of Americans. It will end the era of irresponsibility from Wall Street, from government, and indeed from those ordinary Americans who simply took on more than they could afford."

The National Association for the Self-Employed supports creating a transparent and fair financial marketplace with increased consumer protections and consumer education. However, NASE Members and the micro-business community want assurances that small business will have a voice in the regulatory process of the new Consumer Financial Protection Agency, as well as existing regulatory bodies. Regulators must be mindful that new rules do not have the unintended consequence of restricting credit further, or making it more costly for micro-businesses to access financing options.

In a 2008 NASE poll on housing and the economy, half of the self-employed used various forms of personal financing (mortgage, home equity, credit card, etc.) to start their businesses. Nearly three-quarters indicated that they used various forms of debt (mortgage, home equity, credit card, etc.) to obtain additional cash for their business operations.

Read more about the NASE position on regulatory reform here.

In The Spirit Of Tax Season

CFED delivers tax preparation services, financial products and business development services to entrepreneurs through a network of dedicated local, nonprofit organizations. They are a finalist with Sam’s Club Giving Made Simple campaign to win a $1 million grant for its important work supporting the self-employed. Vote for CFED and its Self-Employment Tax Initiative to bring free tax assistance to start-up and low-income self-employed businesses. 

If you’re a member of Sam’s Club please vote once a day between now and May 2. If you would like to receive daily email reminders to vote for CFED please email

To vote and for more information visit

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