7 Ways to Help Entrepreneurs Help the Economy (The Atlantic)

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7 Ways to Help Entrepreneurs Help the Economy (The Atlantic)

By Derek Thompson

Let's start by thinking about the smallest firms. The companies of one. Self-employment is the new employment these days. Accounting for one third of the workforce, the self-employed population is 40 million and growing. By the end of this decade, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 40 percent of the U.S. labor force will be self employed.

The self-employed can be a major force for job creation. But they need a push. There's been an uptick in start-ups since the recession; however the number of start-ups that hire in the first year declined before the recession, and it's still declining. More people are striking out on their own, but they're not hiring help.

How do we scale our start-ups? Here are seven ideas to boost entrepreneurship and help creative people move from starting a company to building a company.

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