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Washington Watch - November 6, 2013

NASE Calls on Congress to Act

Last week, the NASE submitted a statement for the record to the House Ways and Means Committee in response to the committee’s hearing on the status of the ACA enrollment. In the NASE statement, we expressed our concerns that leading up to the October 1st launch, the administration was not providing sufficient details and answers regarding the Exchange Marketplace. With the lackluster launch, we are now asking congress to eliminate the open enrollment deadlines for the 2014 calendar year and to delay the individual mandate penalty for one tax-filing year.

By pushing back the deadline, congress would give you, the self-employed and small business community more time to understand all the changes and the costs associated with those changes. We know healthcare is a major decision for you, your businesses and your family and by giving you more time will allow you to make the best decisions on how to proceed. Delaying the individual mandate penalty just seems fair as congress already agreed to do this for the employer mandate. Why should it be any different for the self-employed who are their own employers?

Be sure you stay up to date with all the changes at and check out the NASE’s legislative action center for our advocacy initiatives.

Election Results Are In

The results of last night’s election are in and the results are as expected. Incumbent Governor Chris Christie won reelection in New Jersey, Terry McAuliffe won the Governor’s race in Virginia and Bill de Blasio won the mayoral race in New York City. The winners were not surprising, though the margins of victory prove to be interesting.

Chris Christie was hoping to walk away with close to 70% of the vote (or a 2 to 1 margin) and came up a little short with about 60%. Many believe he wanted such a landslide victory to help propel him into the spotlight for a potential 2016 Presidential bid. Regardless, Christie was safely reelected and is looking to take over the chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association while he plans his next move.

Terry McAuliffe was looking strong in the polls heading into Tuesday’s election and was considered the favorite to win. However, as the results started coming in, it was unexpected to see Ken Cuccinelli neck in neck with the favorite McAuliffe. Voter turnout was down from the 2012 election where about 3.7 million turned out to vote in the presidential election. This race saw only about 2 million voters visit the polls as McAuliffe clung to a 50,000 vote lead.

The Race for Mayor of New York City was not a close one, Bill de Blasio defeated Joe Lhota by capturing about 73% of the vote, of note, only 9% of voters headed to the polls. NYC historically leans Democratic but Republications where certainly hoping to see a closer race. With the votes cast and results all but finalized, it is hard to take away any major indications as to how the election landscape will look come next November when midterm elections capture the nation once again.

In Case You Missed It: “The More You Know”

With the changes in healthcare stemming from the Affordable Care Act, the NASE released The More You Know infographic. The new infographic offers topline advice for America’s 23 million self-employed and micro-businesses as they prepare for the opening of the federal and state health care Exchanges. The roll out of the exchanges has been muddled and difficult for many but the information contained in here could still prove useful to you, your family and your business as you determine which healthcare options are best.

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