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How Can Self-Employed Business Owners Join The Circular Economy

Many self-employed small business owners are beginning to appreciate the role of sustainability in their daily operations. This often comes in the form of what is known as a circular economy. A circular economic model intends to tackle pertinent issues such as climate change, pollution, and similar "green" notions.
Posted on Dec 02, 2021

Should You Remain a Sole Proprietor or Form a Company?

As a new entrepreneur, you may enjoy the ease and simplicity of operating as a sole proprietor, but there are several things to consider like the size of the business, the nature of the product or service that you provide, tax considerations, and more that should determine whether to continue running it as a sole proprietor or establish a formal company.
Posted on Dec 01, 2021

Ebbs and Flows: How to Prepare Your Business For Inconsistency

Charles Darwin wrote the quote above talking about animal evolution, but he may as well have been talking about business. The businesses that excel and thrive over time are not the strongest or smartest, but the most adaptable ones. Even if you’re not in a seasonal industry, you’ll face good years and bad years. Being prepared is essential. How can you keep things as stable as possible but still make your company resilient when it comes to ebbs and flows? Let’s take a look.
Posted on Nov 10, 2021

How Self-Employed Individuals Can Be More Sustainable

As of 2020, nearly 30% of American workers were self-employed. There are countless benefits to being your own boss, but in a world where sustainability is becoming more of a hot topic, it’s important to make sure your business practices are protecting the planet.
Posted on Oct 28, 2021

How To Be A Leader And Run A Successful Business: A Guide

Being a small business can be tough. The days are long, clients can often be demanding, there are huge responsibilities to consider that many new business leaders are not familiar with. Whilst it is tough, small businesses play a role in the success of the economy.
Posted on Oct 08, 2021

The Best Ways to Support Your Business While it Grows

When you first launch a business, your primary goal is to establish your brand image and use it to grow. This is a long and complex process that requires hard work, patience and attention to detail. It’s important to remember to value and nurture your existing business while you focus on growth. Let’s explore a few methods businesses are using to support their business while they focus on growth and development.
Posted on Sep 01, 2021

Business Owners: Tips to Improve Your Life

Owning a business can be so enriching, and give you a real sense of accomplishment, aside from the joy of being your own boss. But with these great elements come great responsibility, which can sometimes overwhelm business owners both at work and at home. Let’s explore 10 steps business owners are taking today to help improve their overall quality of life.
Posted on Aug 24, 2021

How to Find the Perfect Name for Your Business

Having a high-performing product is fantastic, but the perceived value of a brand is just as significant as the actual value it provides. It's reasonable to say that any company that customers value with high esteem possesses the Midas touch, a quality that can propel a brand to incredible heights of success.
Posted on Aug 13, 2021

Ways to Maximize the Second Half of 2021

If you want to lose weight, you eat less. If you want to progress in your career, you educate yourself. The first half of 2021 has been a fascinating rebirth of the earth, and in some cases, the creation of a new and very different world, and therefore, more opportunities for growth and success. Maximize the second half of 2021 by following a few simple steps.
Posted on Aug 12, 2021

Cultivating Accountability While Self-Employed

Holding yourself entirely responsible for the direction of your life, taking ownership of your experiences, and staying accountable to your choices whether they’re wonderful or painful, can be scary. Still, we can all agree that practicing accountability is one of the fundamental reasons for personal and professional success.
Posted on Aug 10, 2021

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