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Take A Moment For Fun [Tax Edition]

Mar 25, 2010

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - If you are anything like me, you're sick of thinking about taxes or worrying about getting them done. It's exhausting! So, I'm providing you with a no-guilt break with two fun links on our page. Just imagine I've also offered brownies with coffee or milk and my efforts to comfort will be complete.

Tax links that will not bore you:

  • TaxTalk Postcards - Read the adventures of the NASE crew as we travel around the country in March to give free seminars on maximizing your deductions. The behind-the-scenes antics are some of the best parts here.
  • Tax Procrastinators Support Group - I started this group on Facebook because, frankly, I wanted to get to know other people like me. Join if you want to get periodic tax tips or periodic tax articles.

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