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Are there any IT solutions which increase protection for PC and Phone?

Information Technology - May 13, 2021

Prevention of malicious software on devices is always a challenge. Just when a good tool is installed to prevent certain malicious software, individuals come up with a way to get around it.

You said that you use Excel and PowerPoint. Typically, when people say they use these applications they are using a Microsoft Windows computer.

Working on that assumption (correct me if I'm wrong)...

Windows ships with something called “Windows Defender”. When this application was new, it wasn’t considered to be that reliable. However, these days, it does a rather nice job. Best part… it’s free.

“Windows Defender” works much like a first line of defense. It’s equivalent to wearing a mask on your face, washing your hands and general good hygiene habits. However, if something does get through that defense you’ll likely need something a bit more powerful to tackle what is in your system. For this, please take a look at a program called “Malwarebytes”.

While both products have overlapping functionality, there are some differences. Both applications look for different vulnerabilities as well so they really make a nice pairing.

The other part of your question is how to you protect your phone. Phones can vary widely and most carriers will offer suggestions which may be specific to your phone. In fact, many carriers offer their own solution. For this, I would suggest you call the tech support department for you carrier.

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