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I want to buy a house that is on 3 acres of land. It is outside the city limits so there is no city water or sewer service. Is that still OK?

Nov 16, 2014
Owning a home on acreage can be rewarding from a personal enjoyment perspective as well as for its potential to appreciate over the long term. In making the decision to purchase, always evaluate what is normal and typical for the area. Assuming your new home will be on a water well and a septic system, you should be fine as long as most other homes in the area on lots of similar size are served by a well and septic system. A critical factor in evaluating rural properties is a thorough understanding of the zoning regulations not only of your property but also of the surrounding properties. Are livestock allowed? Required? Can you grow crops? Are businesses allowed to operate on the property? Can the land be subdivided for further retail or commercial development? These are all examples of issues that could enhance… or torpedo your property value. I recommend you connect with a local real estate professional to guide you through the process.

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