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I want to help my mother get her house ready get it ready. What are the main things that we should do?

Nov 16, 2014
That is a great question and has become even more important in our modern digital age. When speaking with our sellers we emphasize that buyers do not normally make a decision to BUY from home photos they see on the internet, but they do make the decision to LOOK based upon home photos they see. We also remind our sellers that “the way you LIST is not the way you LIVE”. In other words, a seller should focus on presenting the home is such a way that it will appeal to the highest number of buyers. With that in mind I suggest the following simple 8 point checklist as a starting point..

  • Thin out furniture - on average most homeowners should “edit” out at least  50% of the furniture  in the home.  This seems drastic but will make the home feel much more spacious. 
  • Remove clutter - every countertop, especially the kitchen, should be almost completely clear. This helps the counters look larger and more functional.
  • Remove odors- There is an old saying  among real estate professionals that “if you can smell it, you can’t sell it 
  • Clean- make sure the home is spotlessly clean.
  • Paint- The best investment you can make is a fresh coat of paint
  • Carpet- if the carpet is in great shape, have it professionally cleaned. If not in great shape replace with a neutral color in lighter shade.
  • No deferred maintenance- Caulk works wonders in sealing up surfaces. Have the HVAC systems professional serviced. Replace any rotted wood.
  • Consider hiring a professional stager-If your budget allows consider hiring a professional stager. They represent an independent viewpoint and can work wonders in staging the home to look fabulous.
  • Good luck!

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