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Tax Talk Postcard - Lisle, IL

Mar 17, 2010

Business owners at the Illinois Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at College of DuPage

Business owners wait for Keith to begin the tax seminar.

It's pronounced like aisle with an "L" at the beginning and we were fortunate enough to have a additional NASE team member with us for this seminar. Robynn is our superstar in the Chicago area, and she was kind enough to let us crash her office so we'd have a quiet place to do a webinar with the Wyoming SBDC network.

The Lisle event was a great sized seminar – 20 people. That means it’s small and intimate enough that the attendees feel comfortable asking questions from the start, and throughout the presentation. There were lots of questions on the auto deduction and entity form. One thing micro-business owners should remember is to keep a paper copy of your records. Everyone says we are moving towards a paperless society, but the IRS isn't there yet. Make sure you have a back up in addition to a digital copy. Coincidentally, that's also great disaster planning.

We enjoyed our time at the Illinois Small Business Development Center at College of DuPage. Don't forget to check out their Web site for Frequently Asked Questions from writing a business plan to assistance for established businesses.

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