Radio Tour? Are You Kidding Me?

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Radio Tour? Are You Kidding Me?

Feb 26, 2009

Posted by Keith Hall - Just spent an unbelievable four hours talking to radio hosts across the country about small-business issues, and in particular taxes.  I know that all small businesses share that one particular headache, but who wants to hear about taxes on the radio?  Well, apparently more people than I would think.  It was really really cool.  There are so many people who  just want to know that someone out there is available to help them from time to time.  Just a place to ask a question and maybe find somebody who cares.

The process may have been more amazing than the fact a lot of people are interested in taxes.  We were on the phone with one radio station in Seattle and then one minute and one drink of coffee later we were on in Lubbock, Texas.  And I didn't even get jet lag.  Wow!  Okay, sure, my head was spinning but don't worry about that so much.   It really was impressive.  Thanks to the people who put it together and made it work.  I think I would rather try to understand the Internal Revenue Code than try to figure out how they made this happen.  But they did.  Another Wow!

Not to be too sappy, but I really believe that the NASE has as its sole goal to help small businesses succeed through education, information and mainly letting them know that they are not alone.  I think today we made a difference.  The third and biggest, WOW!  Awesome day!!!

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