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Meet NASE's Future Entrepreneur

Jul 14, 2009

Posted by Maureen Petron -- I'm back from Southern California, where I was lucky enough to present a "big check" to this year's NASE Future Entrepreneur scholarship recipient.

It's a favored part of my job, and understandably so. I get to meet moms and dads brimming with excitement over their child's success, ambition and business. It's also cool when the scholarship recipient has a younger sibling, who is hopefully influenced by the attention their brother or sister is getting.

This year's FE had all that -- a start up company, proud parents, and a younger brother who actually helps in the business. Oh, and the "cool." Definately a coolness factor to this year's award.

Joe Pielago caught our attention with his streetwear company, which focuses on skateboarding and urban inspired t-shirts and hats. Voila Los Angeles has four employees, including Joe's younger brother and co-founder D.J. Vilicich.

I flew to Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., to meet Joe and his family, and for a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of the member magazine.

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