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Take a Break, Read a Magazine

Nov 04, 2009

Posted by Maureen Petron -- The last issue of Self-Employed magazine for 2009 hits member mailboxes this week, and I’m sad to see this year’s issues come to an end.

Like a mother to her children, I know I’m supposed to say that I love all issues of the magazine equally. But in 2009, we really produced some excellent magazines. (If I do say so myself. And I do.)

It stared back in January when we increased the magazine to 32 pages. We included an additional “advertisement” from an NASE benefit vendor, and added three more pages of feature stories. And because I wasn’t sure that just by looking at those “advertisements” you could tell that the only products promoted were NASE benefits, we added a banner at the bottom of each page telling you just that.

And why do I have the annoying “quote marks” around advertisement in the paragraph above? It’s because they are not advertisements in the way you normally associate magazine ads. Because the NASE believes in its benefits package, and because we want to make sure you know the benefits available to you as an NASE Member, we don’t actually charge our partners for that space. The entire Self-Employed magazine is supported by your member dues.

So I’m excited for the November issue of the magazine, and it’s not just because the member on the front cover looks surprisingly similar to a friend of mine!


Inside, you’ll find our cover story on how NASE Members control debt. You’ll also learn how smart investments helped NASE Member Tiffany Washington catch our eye, and receive a $30,000 achievement award from the association.

Don’t miss the informative article about re-negotiating your lease, or why hiring Generation Y employees could help your business.

And finally, you’ll want to check out the member profile of Kim Overton. She produces and sells the SPIbelt, a product I stumbled upon in March and told you about.

Let me know which are your favorite articles, or what topics you want Self-Employed to cover!

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