Tax Help Is On Its Way – Register Today For NASE’s TaxTalk Seminars

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Tax Help Is On Its Way – Register Today For NASE’s TaxTalk Seminars

Jan 27, 2010

Worried about tax time?

Ok, ok, who isn’t?

And tax year 2009 might be even more daunting for a lot of you, filing business taxes for the first time. Whether by choice or out of necessity, many individuals are starting the process of filling out tax forms for their brand-new small business.

They’ll be glad to know that the NASE can help.

There’s a lot going on at to help with your taxes. At the Knowledge Center, you can read (and subscribe to) the TaxTalk blog. You can ask your own personal question of the TaxTalk CPAs. Home Office Central offers articles and tips for making the most of your home office.

The NASE has just opened registration for the 15 TaxTalk seminars scheduled across the country in March and April. Here’s a chance to get your questions answered in person, meet your fellow micro-business owners, network, and learn how to maximize your small-business tax deductions.

Attendees to the two-hour seminar can expect learn tax filing tips to save your micro-business money. If you’re new to self-employment, we’ll take the worry out of what forms to file, teach you how to expense start up costs, and explain the most common sole proprietor tax forms – the Schedule C and home office deduction. If you have an existing business, you’ll learn about hidden deductions that can start saving you money immediately, and tips to take the worry out of tax season.

Seminar participants also get a free copy of the NASE's Schedule C: from A to Z guide to filling out the Schedule C tax form. (If you can't make the semianr, buy your copy at

Learn more and register here.

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