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Hot Links (7/26 – 7/30)

Jul 30, 2010
Posted by Rosemary Hambright - My, my, my…where did July go?  If you’re wondering the same thing, take this moment to pause and reflect on the past week.  Better yet, peruse through this week’s line-up of hot small business links!


While last week Senate appeared on the verge of implementing the Small Business Lending Fund, yesterday they rejected the bill 58-42.  NASE’s own Kristie Arslan provides more details on our Staff Blog.  She was on CNBC earlier this week supporting the bill.


If this news comes as a blow, there might be some consolation for you.  Gene Marks, a small business owner, explained his indifference toward the bill on Businessweek.  Additionally, raised doubts as to whether the bill would work as intended.  


Own a family business?  You should be aware that the death tax may be rising from the dead.


Now go, enjoy the weekend, and revel in the fact that the majority of small biz owners identify themselves as "very happy"!


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