If you have a mouse, you are not alone! - Tax Tip #2

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If you have a mouse, you are not alone! - Tax Tip #2

Mar 11, 2013
Posted by Keith Hall (NASE Tax Expert) - No, I don’t mean the kind that the cat chases, but if you have a mouse you have resources. After years and years of being self-employed and working with the self-employed, I know how easy it is to feel stuck and alone with the issues you are facing with your small business. It’s late Saturday night, and the kids are finally in bed, yet you still have a thousand things to do in your small business. Those are the times that it seems so lonely. But if you have an Internet connection, you have resources. Make sure you bookmark NASE.org, so that when you have a question you will know where to find the answers.  

There are over 3.4 millions words in the Internal Revenue Code, and there may be even more by the time you finish reading this post. And although many of those words will never have an impact on your business, it is still more that anyone can keep up with. Whether you are concerned with the alternative minimum tax (AMT) or how to deduct the cost of your computer, the home office deduction or the business use of your car, the deductibility of health care costs or just how to file an extension so you can have more time, there are ways to find the answer. You are not alone. Make sure you pay your Internet bill and keep the cat away from your mouse, but more than anything else make sure you remember that you are not alone.     

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