Ways Solar Energy May Save You Money During Quarantine

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Ways Solar Energy May Save You Money During Quarantine

Jun 22, 2020

While millions of people around the world are still in quarantine to slow the spread of COVID-19, that does not mean it is easy staying home all the time. People are more concerned about saving money than ever before as the world continues in these uncertain and unprecedented times. During quarantine, it can be more challenging to save money as you don’t have access to your usual spread of resources, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do. Solar energy can help you save money and energy during quarantine and beyond while being environmentally friendly.

Traditional Solar Panels

When most people think of solar energy, they picture roof-mounted solar panels. Roof-mounted solar panels are the most common way households add solar energy to their homes, but they are not the only way. However, traditional solar panels offer the most substantial benefits, but they also come with the largest price tag. Thankfully, many states are ahead of the curve and are making it easier for households to add solar panels to their homes. Solar energy in Texas and California, for example, is highly encouraged as the climates are ideal for taking advantage of solar energy.

Determining how many solar panels you need and how much your unique system will cost is hard to calculate with certainty, but you can find estimates online to give you a general idea of the cost. The number of panels you need will be influenced by your roof size, desired energy generation, and climate. More panels mean more energy production, but more panels mean higher installation costs. Only solar panel installers will be able to price your solar panel system accurately. Thankfully, many solar installers are taking orders even during quarantine as the solar panel installers likely won’t need to come inside your house to complete the build.

Solar Generators
Solar energy is an attractive option, but traditional solar panels are expensive. Thankfully, other solar energy options can help you save money without breaking the bank. One of the more affordable solar energy options is solar generators. Solar generators are usually portable generators that use the same solar panel technology as roof-mounted solar panels but on a much smaller scale. Most solar generators are designed to power small devices like smartphones, but generators with larger capacity can power a refrigerator. Solar generators are a good option for households looking to add solar energy but don’t want to commit to traditional solar panels.

Outdoor Solar Lights
While you are in quarantine, you may want to spend more time in your outdoor space, and as much of the world approaches summer and warmer weather, you might want to spend time outside after the sun has set. However, spending time outside after the sun has set requires light. Instead of running electrical cables and fighting power supplies for conventional outdoor lights, use outdoor solar lights. Outdoor solar lights typically have a small solar panel on top of the light bulb housing, and the housing is mounted atop a ground stake that lets you place the light anywhere without needed power cables. The solar panel on top of the light absorbs sunlight throughout the day and stores the generated energy so the light can shine at night without increasing your energy bill. The only costs connected to solar light is the cost of the light itself and repairs as solar lights generate their own energy.

Solar Heating

The sun produces a tremendous amount of energy and heat. Solar panels harness the energy of the sun, but you can also leverage the heat. Many home heating solutions use solar heating in some capacity. If you are building a house, consider designing it to take advantage of passive solar heating. Passive solar heating uses south-facing windows to let sunlight in to heat the rest of the house using distribution mechanisms like convection and conduction. Hybrid home heating systems can use a combination of propane forced air system and solar heat to warm a house efficiently. More complex heating systems include solar heated low-temperature baseboards where the sun heats the water running through the baseboards, which in turn heats the house. This same principle applies to radiator floors as well.

Solar energy has a multiple of uses. Whether you install traditional solar panels or opt for lesser-known solar solutions, adding solar energy to your house will reduce your energy bill and save you money while making your home more environmentally friendly.

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