Tech Tools for Small Business Owners to Help Maintain Efficiencies During Critical Times

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Tech Tools for Small Business Owners to Help Maintain Efficiencies During Critical Times

Aug 25, 2020

Entrepreneurs risk it all to launch and maintain a successful business. There are numerous hurdles to overcome along the way. Many small business owners are now facing new challenges given the current state of the economy and new regulations due to the pandemic. However, small business owners are quite resilient and are managing to thrive even during tough times. To help ease the transition into new territory there are many resources and tools that can be implemented. Technology, especially, can help to keep businesses on track.

All In One Printer
Leaders need to be able to be self-sufficient when running a business out of a home office. Having all the essential tools combined into a single device is both functional and practical. Consider the advantages of a multifunction printer that takes care of faxing, printing, and scanning needs. Such printers are very versatile and can easily take care of vital processes without taking up too much space.

Intelligent Document Processing
Data entry and records management is a very time consuming task for small business owners. Now it seems there are more record keeping duties than ever before with new regulations. However, intelligent document processing can extract both structured and complex unstructured data from documents automatically without any intervention. Business owners no longer have to focus their precious time and energy on sorting documents and analyzing data, and can invest their efforts into initiatives that require their full attention and talent.

Mobile APP Creator
Consumers often interact with businesses through mobile apps. Small business owners can create a mobile friendly platform with an app builder. No coding experience is required and apps can be constructed with templates and deployed easily after the desired design is achieved. Having a mobile app will help to boost sales and prompt more interaction with small businesses. As consumers can easily access products with a phone.

Payment Portal
Consumers are still eager to seek out services online, or pay for a product via contactless payment. It is essential to utilize secure mobile payment apps. Customers will appreciate this option for payment. Funds can be securely transferred and it allows business owners to maintain revenue streams.

Social Media Scheduler
Individuals are often relying on social media for the latest news and updates. Having a strong social media presence is integral for brand consistency. There are many tools to help keep a robust and engaging feed. Try a social media scheduler to deploy helpful posts about product updates to keep your business in the minds of your customer base.

Ensuring online privacy and securing business data is crucial. One important tool to ensure protection is by using a VPN. This technology helps to encrypt transactions. It will help to protect your consumers confidential information such as credit card information. Consumers will have a peace of mind and be willing to make purchases if a business values privacy and is taking necessary precautions.

Approach these uncertain times with an open mind. There are many positive impacts that can result from these bumps in the road. Many small business owners have been able to evaluate, revamp and ultimately strengthen existing processes. As a result, entrepreneurs may have improved operations for the better and be prepared for anything that lies on the road ahead.

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