New Dell Technologies Partnership and Growth Grants

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New Dell Technologies Partnership and Growth Grants

Sep 16, 2020

Get your small business set up the right way using all that Dell Technologies has to offer!

We are the nation’s leading go-to resource to help small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business. NASE helps with a multitude of areas. These include providing businesses with educational tools on how to run their business and value-added benefits such as access to insurance and discounts. Moreover, NASE practices legislative advocacy to aid in tax relief and retirement securities. What’s more, NASE is dedicated to encouraging youth to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams through various college scholarships.

Dell Technologies Partnership
NASE is thrilled to share news about our new partnership with Dell Technologies, which makes learning and working easier and more interactive with their high-tech laptops, desktops, servers, mobile workstations, and electronics. Dell’s mission statement involves driving human progress by allowing better access to technology worldwide.

We wanted to share some exciting perks that come with partnering with Dell Technologies. Examples include the following:

 - Technological Support: Dell Technologies offers the best-customized products designed to help small businesses thrive, with their laptops, monitors, storage, datacenter, and cloud. Their datacenter and cloud allows you to optimize your data, distribute workloads, and create the latest systems with low infrastructure costs. Dell laptops and monitors have ample storage, high-performance features, and stunning visual displays. Their products are top-notch, and NASE members can get up to 10% off all Dell products on their website. When running your small business, you can feel confident when working with the best and safest products to manage transactions, your website, and communicate with your employees and customers.

 - Business Support: We know so many issues, and updates can come up in the middle of the night or right before everyone starts waking up to start their day. Dell provides 24/7 IT tech support with their ProSupport warranty to secure your end-user hardware. ProSupport includes in-person repairs when needed and advice when working from home. They can assist with remote diagnosis and give incident-based software assistance. Expert tech advisors are also available to help with VPN setups, backing up data, and maintaining security. You gain one-one-one support directly for any business technology issues that arise.

 - Innovative Solutions: Dell Technologies has been helping small businesses for over thirty years, with over 150 hours of training to optimize technological advances. Dell Business Credit allows companies to make purchases and gain more capital, with no annual fees. You can boost your cash flow with low monthly payments. What’s more, Dell is highly invested in projects and grants to build small businesses throughout the nation. They want to celebrate diversity, collaboration, sustainability, and innovation through myriads of companies around the country.

Growth Grants
We are so honored that Dell Technologies continues to support our Growth Grant program. Last year alone, NASE awarded three small businesses $4,000 each to active members each quarter. Distributing Growth Grants resulted in small businesses around the nation being given $48,000 to support their business goals and dreams. The Growth Grant initiative allows small businesses to grow their business and find solutions to particular needs. The Growth Grant can be used to acquire and train employees, invest in new office equipment and software, for marketing purposes, and to expand the business in various ways.

Below are a couple of success stories from our past Growth Grant recipients:

 - SoaPen: Amanat Anand is a NASE member from Brooklyn, New York. Earlier this year, he received a Growth Grant before quarantines took place in the country to promote regular handwashing with portable soap amongst children. SoaPen offers all kinds of colorful and kid-friendly products that are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Their products include a hand soap pen and hand sanitizer infused with essential lavender oils. SoaPen continues to pay it forward by donating 10% of its sales to coronavirus relief funds.

 - Idaho Fudge Company: Janie Nafsinger is a NASE member from Nampa, Idaho. She was awarded a Growth Grant earlier last year, for her premium artisan fudge. Janie’s passion lies in delivering delicious food to make people smile. Idaho Fudge Company offers unique fudge flavors, such as caramel toffee swirl, raspberry cheesecake, and traditional crunchy peanut butter. Customers can also purchase gift baskets and Idaho embossed mugs.

 - Trovato, LLC: Mikki Firor is a NASE member from Annapolis, Maryland. She was awarded a Growth Grant in the middle of 2019. Trovato, LLC offers support and services to those who have dementia and to caregivers who live or work with someone who has dementia. Services include creating individualized plans for dementia care, teaching best practices for home care, and turning to personalized dementia consulting services. Additional education and training are provided for professionals to learn practical techniques in safe care, as well.

Both NASE and Dell Technologies understand that small businesses have been hit more than ever during this difficult time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NASE has put together ample resources to guide small businesses with information pertaining to the paycheck protection program, paid sick leave credit, family leave credit, and more. With the Growth Grant program, hard-hit companies can utilize this extra capital to revamp their business plans and put new protocols in place.

To apply for a NASE grant, businesses will have to demonstrate a need that can be met from the grant, a thorough explanation of how they will utilize the funds given, and specific information about how the grant will grow their business even further.

We know times are tough, but small businesses can be more resilient and more successful than ever by changing their strategy and investing in the right people, technology, and solutions. Despite any setbacks, you can still grow your business and achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

To learn more about how to grow your small business and receive all the support you need, contact the experts at the National Association for the Self-Employed at 1-(800) 649-6273. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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