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The National Association for the Self-Employed realizes that the most important aspect of advocating on behalf of the self-employed is listening to the true-life experiences of self-employed individuals like you. Therefore, the NASE has developed this area of the Legislative Action Center to allow you to tell us your micro-business story.

Mandating Health Coverage: Do you think all Americans should be required to have insurance?

Aug 16, 2009

As part of health reform, Congress and the Administration want to mandate that all Americans be required to purchase coverage.  There will be a tax or fine for those that go without.  Additionally, Congress has also included an employer mandate, requiring businesses above a certain size (above $750,000 in payroll or more than 50 employees) to provide group coverage to their workers and pay for at minimum 50% of the cost of that coverage.

What are your thoughts on both the individual mandate and the employer mandate?


Tell Your Story

Your stories bring reality to our efforts with lawmakers – they allow us to convince with more than just theories and statistics. Submit your real-life experiences and concerns online so we know what is most important to you, and have the details to back it up.

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