Washington Watch - July, 11 2014


Washington Watch - July, 11 2014

Senate Minority Leader Supports Working, Home Based Parents

Prior to the July 4th recess, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) introduced, S. 2488- The Working Parents Home Office Act, allows working parents to fully utilize the home office deduction even if there is incidental use of the home office for childcare provided that the business owner is using the space for their business. Previously, under IRS guidelines any incidental use of the home office would negate the deduction.

The NASE has worked on behalf of its members, the small business community and the self-employed to advocate for a simpler home office filing option. This year was the first year small business owners could take a standardized, streamlined home-office deduction.

D.C. Sued Over 1% Health Insurance Tax

As anticipated by the NASE and several other small business groups, the American Council for Life Insurers filed a complaint against the District of Columbia citing that the 1% tax levied on all health insurance products sold within D.C. is unconstitutional.

In the June 3rd letter sent by NASE, American Independent Business Coalition, Southern Consumers Alliance, and Coalition for Affordable Health Care, we alluded to the fact that the District could face a lengthy and costly lawsuit given that we believed the decision to tax all health care products, not just those offered in the Exchange, was illegal, “it also should be brought to the attention of the D.C. City Council that the decision to tax “all health insurance carriers” and not just those operating within the D.C. exchange could be in violation of the law and could result in a costly lawsuit that the City will have to defend.”

Passing the Health Care Buck

In the NASE’s most recent Huffington Post blog, we discuss the recent decision by the District of Columbia to institute two new taxes in an effort to cover the costs of their state-based exchange, D.C. Health Link. The NASE believes that this approach is the wrong one and that new taxes will only hurt small businesses. What do you think?

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