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CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Card

CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Card - Free for NASE Members

CVS Caremark Prescription Drug Card

How To Access:

The prescription discount program card is free – you get it just for being an NASE Member! The back of your NASE Membership card is also your prescription discount card.

Print extra cards for you, your family and your employees at

Locate a pharmacy, research drug pricing and learn more by calling: 888-436-3700

You can also call 888-436-3700 with questions or to fill your prescription.

Start saving now on the medicines you need. Everyone can use the prescription discount card and save money regardless of income, age or insurance status. If you are uninsured or taking
a drug that is not covered by your health plan, the prescription discount card can save you up to 55% on your entire households prescriptions needs including your pets!

Did you know that the prescription discount card:

  • Provides an average savings of 20% per prescription*
  • Has already saved cardholders more than $475 million on prescription drug costs
  • Is accepted at over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide
  • Covers your entire household
  • Never expires!

The prescription discount program card is free – you get it just for being an NASE Member!
This is not insurance.




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