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NASE Advocacy Efforts

Know Your Self-Employed Rights

Through NASE, the self-employed and micro-businesses have a powerful voice representing their interests. NASE has a strong track record of advocating for its Members on Capitol Hill.

Small Business Organizations Urge Lawmakers to Avoid Adding to Patchwork of State Privacy Laws

In a letter sent to lawmakers this week, the NASE and a collection of small business organizations called on lawmakers to avoid adding to the growing patchwork of state privacy laws that have been passed or proposed in recent years. Further arguing, "these bills carry unintended consequences in the form of burdensome and costly obligations for small businesses."
Posted on Aug 31, 2023

NASE Endorses Two 1099K Related Bills

Today, the NASE announced its endorsement of two bipartisan bills aimed at curbing the new Department of Treasury 1099-K reporting thresholds set to go into effect at the end of 2023.
Posted on Jul 11, 2023

3 Affordable Health Insurance Options You Need to Know About

3 Affordable Health Insurance Options You Need to Know AboutThe cost of health insurance is a challenge for countless small businesses across the country. Expanded tax credits and tax-deductible options can help.
Posted on May 22, 2023

NASE Continues Its Support for Deputy Administrator of the SBA

The NASE continued its support of Dilawar Syed to be Deputy Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA). We are eager for the Senate Small Business Committee to expedite his nomination after numerous delays unrelated to the
Posted on Mar 06, 2023

NASE Joins Diverse Small Business Group in Supporting the Bipartisan House Paid Leave Working Group

The NASE joined a diverse group of small business orientated organizations, including Etsy, Eventbrite, Patreon, Pinterest, along with, the USHCC, WIPP, NAWBO, in supporting the bipartisan House paid leave working group.
Posted on Mar 03, 2023

NASE Joins Metaverse Business Alliance

Today, the NASE joined the Metaverse Business Alliance works to educate the public, policy leaders, lawmakers and the business community about the use and potential of immersive technologies and their connectivity to advance opportunity across economic and societal sectors.
Posted on Feb 27, 2023

NASE Joins SBR to Endorse Jessica Cavazos to serve as Assistant Secretary for the Minority Business Development Agency

In a letter signed by all members of the Small Business Roundtable, NASE offered its support for Jessica Cavazos to serve as Assistant Secretary for the Minority Business Development Agency at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Posted on Feb 13, 2023

NASE Applauds the Selection of Sen. Joni Ernst to Serve as Ranking Member

NASE applauds Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) being named Ranking Member of the Senate Small Business Committee
Posted on Feb 03, 2023

NASE President & CEO Keith Hall Shares His Optimism for 2023

In a recent Forbes column authored by Rhett Buttle, Keith Hall joined other leading small business CEOs in sharing his thoughts on opportunities for small business policy in 2023.
Posted on Jan 27, 2023

NASE Celebrates Lauds Record-Breaking New Small Business Applications

NASE applauds the new self-employed, solo-entrepreneurs and micro-businesses who have joined our ranks over the last two years. 10.5 million total new business applications were filed in 2021 and 2022.
Posted on Jan 16, 2023

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