NASE Celebrates 3rd Year of Historic New Business Starts

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NASE Celebrates 3rd Year of Historic New Business Starts

In January, data released showed a historic 3 year trend in small business starts with over 16 million new small businesses created. These new small businesses are also creating a historic amount of new jobs: from 2021 through the first quarter of 2023, the U.S. economy added a net 7.2 million small business jobs, with each quarter showing net-positive small business job growth of more than 370,000.  

According to an analysis by Axios, the Midwest and the Mountain West are emerging as small business hotspots, with Colorado, North Dakota and Iowa reporting the largest surges in small business growth. 

This unprecedented growth in small businesses is also fueling positive economic news, including a record 14 million new jobs, historic low unemployment rate that we’ve seen in over 50 years, and signs that inflation and costs are starting to decline. 

Good news for the self-employed and small business community, but still more to do! 

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