Overcoming Writer's Block

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Mar 26, 2010
Posted by Molly Nelson - With the time ticking by faster and faster, that white expanse of paper continues to sit, the flashing cursor (or your idle pen) mocking your lack of progress.  Writer's block has struck all of us at one time or another.  The knowledge that you are facing down a deadline often only makes your predicament even worse. 

Luckily, Chief Home Officer has some suggestions for preventing writer's block.  I agree with all of the points in this post, but I would add one other suggestion - take a quick walk break, or get up and get a glass of water.  Just like when you're trying to remember something that is on the tip of your tongue, the harder you try to concentrate on it, the more it seems to escape you.  You never know, inspiration just might strike when you step away for a moment!

Share any tips for dealing with writer's block in the comments! 

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