Marriott Contest For Frequent Small Biz Travelers

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Marriott Contest For Frequent Small Biz Travelers

Aug 09, 2010
Posted by Molly Nelson  - If you travel frequently for your small business, Marriott's Fairfield Inn & Suites is holding a contest that could reward you for all of that traveling (in addition to your frequent flier miles and those little hotel soaps, of course).

The Small Business Road to Success Challenge will select 10 finalists who will receive 15 free nights at Fairfield Inn & Suites to travel the country building their business. The finalists will share their journey through blogging, tweeting and photos, and after working through business challenges, one finalist will be awarded the $20,000 grand prize by the judging panel.

To enter the contest, small business owners must register before August 20, 2010. Check out the contest's website for more information. 

[Small Business Road To Success Challenge]

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