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Change the Pace

Get Out of the House
Have you ever been sick and stepped outdoors for a few minutes? Did you notice a slight improvement in how you felt? The great outdoors can truly improve our dispositions with just a small amount of interaction. On those “perfect days” when the temperatures are pleasant and the weather is agreeable, you might just find your spirits rise with a little outdoor interaction.

Though your business may require you to work indoors, find excuses to get outside. Spending time outdoors has many advantages for our work productivity and overall well-being. Are you looking for an excuse to visit nature during business hours? Check out some of these ideas:

Take your work outside.
Laptop computers come in handy for our busy lifestyles where we are always on the go. Now with wireless services available, your excuses for getting out of the office for convenience to a computer are limited. Go to a park or the backyard and sit in the shade while you work.

Meet someone for lunch.
Interacting with others is important to maintaining communication skills and staying abreast of current topics. Visit with a client, chat with a family member or catch up with a friend during the lunch hour. Consider taking lunch out on the patio – whether it is from your home office or your favorite restaurant.

Join a walking group.
There are other business owners or professionals in your area who might want to get out a little for some exercise and socialization. Have you considered creating a walking group? You and some of the people in your area can meet during the lunch hour several days a week to walk and to visit. In addition to getting some exercise, you have the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another, discuss the day’s events and relax from the daily grind.

If you would like to enjoy some time out of the office or the home, consider some evening or weekend activities that take you outside.

Get some exercise.
Make it a family outing to get your heart rate going. Ride bikes in the country or on the bike trail, play a game of soccer or football, take the dog for a walk, or participate in a fun run. Choose an activity that appeals to the whole group!

Enjoy the weather.
Sometimes a day of R&R is required for taking a break from our busy schedules. Escape to a relaxing chair outside and enjoy the crisp air without the humidity. Otherwise, yard work offers a relaxing means to beautifying your outdoor retreat and enjoying the pleasant temperatures.

Decorate your patio.
Make sitting on the patio a little more interesting. Bring plants, trinkets and outdoor furniture outside to create a desirable place of escape that is close to home. Putting together a fun, relaxing environment on your patio or backyard will make it more inviting when you need a sanctuary.

Throw a fall party.
Celebrate the change of seasons with a party or gathering. Entertain friends and family outside for an afternoon of festivities before taking the party indoors once it gets too cool outside. Warmer days and cozy nights are part of experiencing the pleasures of fall.

Spending time outside helps rejuvenate your spirit and inspires physical activity. Take your next get together outside to enjoy both some socialization and good weather. Adopt some activities to get your body moving. Clear some of the clouds in your mind, and step into the refreshing outdoors.

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