Mr. President, Focus On The 'Baffle Rule,' Not The 'Buffett Rule' (Huffington Post)

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Mr. President, Focus On The 'Baffle Rule,' Not The 'Buffett Rule' (Huffington Post)

President Obama is calling on Congress to raise taxes on the wealthy in a speech today, and he's using a clever example to describe it. Calling it the "Buffett Rule," he's calling for tax law changes to ensure the Warren Buffetts of the world don't pay a lower tax rate (due to their investment income) than their secretaries.

Tax fairness is a top priority for the National Association for the Self-Employed, but we're much more interested in tax laws that impact the 22 million self-employed Americans who aren't household names but who create a whole lot more jobs than Mr. Buffett. In honor of the millions of Americans who are struggling this week to figure out the home office deduction and other baffling tax laws, we're calling on Congress and the president to change all tax laws that are so baffling that taxpayers don't take advantage of them. Let's call it the "Baffle Rule."

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