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The Goldilocks Problem

Dec 22, 2009
Posted by Molly Nelson - At the end of this anecdote from Becky McCray at Small Biz Survival, she asks if the amount of free information she offered to a potential client about her services as a consultant was too much, not enough or just right.  McCray frames her dilemma as where a consultant should draw the line between charging for work and doing it for free.  Having only offered my consulting services for free (those shoes are FABULOUS!), this problem sounds unfortunately very difficult to answer. 

While I in no way mean to be flip in my characterization of McCray's question, it reminded me a little of Goldilocks; except instead of porridge, McCray and other consultants in similar situations have to decide how much of their work they are will to part with before requiring compensation.

Have you ever dealt with a similar situation in your business? Feel free to leave your comments here or over at Small Biz Survival