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Welcome to the Self Made. This is a blog focused primarily on the self-employed and micro-business and full of fantastic posts by not only our team of experts but by YOU!  We realize that there are many ways to help the small businesses out there which is why we invite other business minded individuals to post here and help the rest of the community as well.

A Healthy Work Environment

May 06, 2009

Posted by Maureen Petron - A few weeks ago, I wrote about an experience with an NASE Member -- the creator of the SPIbelt, a product that holds your keys or wallet or iPod while exercising. When one of my colleagues read the post, she ordered one, too. We joke around the office that peer pressure is the best way to motivate others to exercise!

And while we have friendly competitions about the pace of our latest 5k, or how many push-ups we can do because we think it's fun, it's ultimately really good for our employer, too.  

The cost of health coverage for micro-business owners and their employees is always at the top of the list of concerns that we hear about from members. We often get questions like, "How can I control my health care costs?" And that's why we created the Health Resource Center for micro-business owners. Not only does it provide answers on reducing health care costs, but it also helps small business owners step back to assess their health care needs and learn basic health insurance terminology.

There is an entire wellness component, too. This is where you'll find lots of articles on encouraging healthy habits and healthy competition in your micro-business. Besides learning how to incorporate wellness programs into your business, you'll find articles like "Help Your Small Business Kick Butts," and "How to Manage Headaches." There's even some practical legal advice in "How To Protect Your Employees' Health And Privacy Rights."

Check out the NASE Health Resource Center to learn about keeping yourself and your business healthy. And tell us in the comments section what you do to encourage healthy competition!

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