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Member Blog of the Week: Marketing on Demand

May 27, 2009

refined technology solutionsPosted by Maureen Petron - This week's member blog comes from Adam Edelman of Refined Technology Solutions, based in Baltmore, Md. Adam has been an NASE Member for six months now, and has owned his business since 2002. Refined Technology Solutions helps small- to mid-size companies grow their business through the integration of marketing and technology.

Adam says he started his blog, Marketing on Demand, "to discuss the different ways in which the 'marriage' of marketing and technology can help businesses acquire and keep clients."

Started just a year ago, Adam's goal is that "people will see the blog as an educational, idea generator as it relates to marketing on-demand and automation."

Adam's blog shares a lot of new technologies he's come across, (like one recent post about the technology that allows e-mail subscribers to share the content of an e-mail on a social networking site. I saw this in action last week on an e-mail pitch from Ann Taylor -- with a simple click of the mouse I could post to my Facebook profile that the store was having a sale this weekend) and also his opinion on the latest marketing research (such as this post responding to the claim that marketing firms should bear some of the blame for the current economic crisis).

Adam says he sticks to business on his blog about 95% of the time, and doesn't often veer off into personal posts. It's clearly a blog the helps potential clients learn more about Adam and his expertise -- I like how the blog is prominently featured on the "About us" page of Refined Technology Solutions' Web site. But also in the reverse, if someone stumbles upon Marketing on Demand, it's made clear that the ideas are coming from Adam's company.

Thanks to Adam for writing in to tell us about his blog! Do you have a business blog? Tell us about it and you could be a featured NASE Member Blog of the Week! Send us a link to your blog in the comments!

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