How to keep people awake: Any pointers?

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How to keep people awake: Any pointers?

Oct 02, 2009

Posted by Keith Hall -- I had a great opportunity this week to provide the micro-business perspective to the House Committee on Small Business related to Expiring Tax Incentives and in particular the Alternative Minimum Tax. Really, really cool to get to speak before Congress and really an honor to represent micro-businesses. But really, why can’t I get to talk about Twitter or Facebook or maybe about how the Internet has made the world available to us small-business guys, or the NASE’s new plan for local networks of members to help small businesses get new customers, or something else that is cool and really, really fun. But Alternative Minimum Tax? Really? Are you kidding me? I had five minutes to tell why the extension of the AMT exemption amount would help small business keep up and I was worried about keeping myself awake, not to mention top Congressional leaders listening to me, surely sitting on the edge of their seat.

Don't believe me?


Chairwoman Velazquez was courteous and supportive to all the people providing testimony. Ranking member Graves was equally supportive. House member Schrader even asked for our help in letting small businesses know that the Committee was there to help. And they are! On behalf of the committee, to all small businesses out there, they ARE on our side. And I mean that. Take a minute to let them know you appreciate them and their efforts. You can even use the NASE Legislative Action Center to help you get a note to them. And while you are at it, say thank you for not falling asleep during my enthralling comments about the AMT.

Expanding the exemption will surely help all of us, but next time please let me testify about Jon and Kate or about David Letterman or anything but Alternative Minimum Tax. Although, the entire event was a bit complicated. I even sat next to John, from Indiana who owned a restaurant called Montana Mike’s. Not sure if Indiana John’s was taken already or if that was just designed to distract people from my AMT comments, or to keep them awake!


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