Small Biz Health Care Roundup (11/13)

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Small Biz Health Care Roundup (11/13)

Nov 13, 2009

Posted by Kristin Oberlander - Here's a sampling of this week's top health care reform articles. If you find an article or blog that you think should be considered, drop us a line at

  • House Democrats Eke Out A Victory On Health Reform [Commentary] (NASE Staff Blog) - "The House bill is important because it sets the stage for what might be in a final reform bill. Unfortunately, the legislation doesn't do much to help the self-employed and micro-business get immediate relief from high health costs. The only quantifiable item providing bottom line cost relief to small businesses in H.R. 3962 is a tax credit. Unfortunately, this credit does not begin until 2013, leaving the self-employed to sweat it out for another three years."
  • Entrepreneurs In Congress Say No To Health Care Reform (NY Times - You're The Boss Blog) -"[Whether] Republican or Democrat, they overwhelmingly voted against the health care reform bill that passed late Saturday."
  • Health Care Reform: You'll Learn To Love It (Politics Daily) - "I know you conservatives are upset about the health care reform bill clearing the House, but let me spin it another way for you."
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