From Wall Street to Main Street?

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From Wall Street to Main Street?

Nov 19, 2009
Posted by Molly Nelson - Goldman Sachs announced this week that it will be spending $500 million to help thousands of small businesses bounce back from the recession.  Working with its largest shareholder, investor Warren Buffet, Goldman is offering business and management education, mentoring and access to capital to 10,000 small businesses.

While there has been some criticism that Goldman is only reaching out to small businesses in an attempt to bolster its public image, the company says it has been working on the program for almost a year. 

The plan includes:
  • $200 million to pay for small-business owners to get business and management education at local community colleges and other places
  • Mentoring and networking services
  • $300 million in loans and grants to small businesses
Readers, do you think this is a PR stunt on Goldman's part?  Will you look into getting involved in part of their program?  Would you accept help or funds from them for your business?  Let us know in the comments!
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