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Welcome to the Self Made. This is a blog focused primarily on the self-employed and micro-business and full of fantastic posts by not only our team of experts but by YOU!  We realize that there are many ways to help the small businesses out there which is why we invite other business minded individuals to post here and help the rest of the community as well.

A Call To Action

Dec 11, 2009
Posted by Kristie Arslan -The Senate is debating health reform right now.  The Senate bill does not include any immediate, bottom line savings on health care costs for the self-employed.  Currently, a self-employed business owner (sole-proprietor) paying $7,000 annually for health insurance is also paying $1,071 in extra self-employment taxes because they are unable to deduct their health costs as a business expense on their Schedule C tax form.

Over 22 million self-employed Americans are affected by this inequity. All other businesses receive this benefit.

The NASE is trying to convince the Senate to include an important amendment in the health reform bill that would address this inequity, make the tax treatment of health costs fair for the self-employed , and provide you with immediate cost savings. Especially if your Senator is listed below, we need your help to urge them to support the Tax Equity for the Self-Employed Amendment (S. Amdt. #3103).

Senator Sherrod Brown - Ohio
Senator Tom Carper - Delaware
Senator Russ Feingold - Wisconsin
Senator Tom Harkin - Iowa
Senator Mary Landrieu - Louisiana
Senator Blanche Lincoln - Arkansas
Senator Ben Nelson - Nebraska
Senator Mark Pryor - Arkansas
Senator Jay Rockefeller - West Virginia
Senator Charles Schumer - New York

Contacting your Senator by phone is the most effective way for Senators and staff to hear your concerns. When calling your Senator's office, a staff person will speak with you and take note of your comments and concerns. Staff hears from constituents all the time so don't hesitate to call the office, but please remember to be respectful of their time.  Sharing how this proposal will affect you and your business is most useful to the Senator.  We encourage you to call the Washington, D.C., office of your Senator since that is where policy staff resides (this telephone number will be listed on the "Contact" page of each Senator's Web site).

Remember: Be Polite, Be Clear and Be Brief!

If you would like to contact your Senator by letter or e-mail, please visit the NASE's Legislative Action Center to send an e-mail or letter to your Senator on this issue.

The self-employed represent 78% of all small businesses in the United States and contribute close to $1 trillion dollars to our economy each year. The National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE) believes that it is time for Congress to step up and focus on this vital segment of our economy.

Join us in the fight to make tax treatment of health costs fair for the self-employed!

Thank you for your help!

For more information or assistance with contacting your Senator, please contact the NASE Legislative office via e-mail at advocacy [at] NASE [dot] org.

The opinions expressed in our published works are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the National Association for the Self-Employed or its members.

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