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This Week's Hot Links

Jun 25, 2010
Posted by Molly Nelson - Grab a lemonade and take a break from the heat with some small business news that you may have missed this week.

Via Consumerist, double-digit premium increases prompted a stern warning to insurers from the White House this week. The SBA has changed the hours of operation of its mobile Business Recovery Centers to make it easier for businesses affected by the oil spill to get loans.

Jeff Cornwall gave advice on how to break up with a business partner, and Entrepreneur offered best practices for online banking.

OPEN Forum suggests taking advantage of virtual assistants, while Consumerist via Freelance Switch has a handy online calculator to help you figure out what you should charge for your hourly freelance rate.

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[SBA Makes It Easier For Businesses Affected By Oil Spill To Get Loans]
[Breaking Up is Hard To Do]
[How to Practice Safe Online Banking]
[Why Are You Doing Everything Yourself?]
[Online Calculator Helps You Figure Out Your Freelancer Rate]
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