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Those Meddling Kids

Jun 30, 2010
Posted by Molly Nelson - As a Millennial (or member of Generation Y, if you prefer), I was interested to come across quite a few stories this week about Millennials in the business world.

AllBusiness seems to be running a special report on the next generation of entrepreneurs, with a number of stories on Gen Y. While some authors are pointing to the success of Millennial entrepreneurs, others are suggesting that my generation get up off the couch and get real about working for ourselves.

AllBusiness' Small Business Blog also says that Millennials are getting a hand in getting into business from their Gen X siblings and mentors. And seeing the high unemployment rate among recent college graduates compared to adults ages 65 to 69, Business Week ask why and offers some possible solutions.

Would you encourage a Millennial child or mentee to pursue entrepreneurship? As a small business owner, what advice would you give them on starting out?

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